The 15 Best Paying Cities for Financial Advisers

Posted on April 9th, 2014 at 9:00 AM

From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law Offices:

According to a report from InvestmentNews, the country’s 15 best cities for compensation for lead advisors are listed below.


15. San Antonio, Texas

Total Compensation: $131,186

Base Salary: $107,690

Incentive Pay: $17, 622

Population: $1,327,407


14. Indianapolis, Indiana

Total Compensation: $133,464

Base Salary: $109,560

Incentive Pay: $17,928

Population: 820,445


13. Phoenix, Arizona

Total Compensation: $134,268

Base Salary: $110,220

Incentive Pay: $18,036

Population: 1,445,632


12. Jacksonville, Florida

Total Compensation: $136,144

Base Salary: $111,760

Incentive Pay: $18,288

Population: 821,784


11. Columbus, Ohio

Total Compensation: $136,814

Base Salary: $112,310

Incentive Pay: $18,378

Population: 787,033


10. Austin, Texas

Total Compensation: $138,422

Base Salary: $113,630

Incentive Pay: $18,594

Population: 790,390


9. Dallas, Texas

 Total Compensation: $144,050

Base Salary: $118,250

Incentive Pay: $19,350

Population: 1,197,816


8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Total Compensation: $144,318

Base Salary: $118,470

Incentive Pay: $19,386

Population: 1,526,006


7. Houston, Texas

Total Compensation: $145,256

Base Salary: $119,240

Incentive Pay: $19,512

Population: 2,100,263


6. Chicago, Illinois

Total Compensation: $147,266

Base Salary: $120,890

Incentive Pay: $19,782

Population: 2,695,598


5. San Diego, California

Total Compensation: $149,410

Base Salary: $122,650

Incentive Pay: $20,070

Population: 1,307,402


4. Los Angeles, California

Total Compensation: $156,110

Base Salary: $128,150

Incentive Pay: $20,970

Population: 3,792,621


3. New York, New York

Total Compensation: $167,366

Base Salary: $137,390

Incentive Pay: $22,482

Population: 8,175,133


2. San Francisco, California

Total Compensation: $168,840

Base Salary: $138,600

Incentive Pay: $22,680

Population: 805,235


1. San Jose, California

Total Compensation: $171,922

Base Salary: $141,130

Incentive Pay: $23,094

Population: 945,942


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This was the best of all possible outcomes and I cannot thank you and the team enough.

Michael S.


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