Broker Litigation & Arbitration at Eccleston Law

The securities lawyers at Eccleston Law provide broker litigation and arbitration services. Our securities lawyers have extensive experience in defending across the country before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in arbitration and enforcement actions, state securities regulators, and the CFP Board.

The securities lawyers at Eccleston Law have assisted financial advisors with:

  • Customer Arbitration
  • FINRA Enforcement/Disciplinary Inquiries and Actions
  • State Registration Inquiries and Actions
  • CFP Board Inquiries and Actions

At Eccleston Law, we have the knowledge and expertise within the financial industry to provide top quality broker litigation and arbitration. Our securities lawyers are also experienced in dealing with a variety of other financial law matters including breakaway broker services, strategic consulting and counseling, regulatory matters, employment matters, whistleblower actions, and much more. Contact the securities lawyers at Eccleston Law to schedule a telephone conference about your case today.