Broker Transition Contract Review Lawyer

In the modern world of broker recruiting, take advantage of the fact that all deals are negotiable. Have an experienced securities lawyer from Eccleston Law on your side to review the contract terms that the firm’s lawyer has drafted to protect his/her one and only client – the firm.

How can a securities lawyer help you with the protocol for broker recruiting?

  • Nullify the many bad, firm-favorable contract provisions that the firm’s attorneys have inserted to gain an edge over you when the honeymoon ends.

  • Plan all aspects of a successful transition, even if the move is governed by the Protocol for Broker Recruiting.

  • Protect your rights while at the same time, working alongside the firm’s transition team and with the firm’s management team.

  • Turn the “dinner promises” into written agreements you can enforce.

  • Preserve your rights to complain and seek remedies when and how you want should the transition and employment not go as planned.

You wouldn’t buy a house without having an attorney for the closing, why on earth would you risk your professional career, your livelihood, and your clients’ well-being by not hiring a "Protocol for Broker Recruiting" lawyer to spend a few hours reviewing the employment contract and other contract terms?

Promissory Note Agreements, Employment Agreements, Memoranda of Understandings, and Addendums are just some of the legal documents that will affect your professional life.

“I never have had a client ask me for a refund of the $2,500 fixed fee to review the deal.
That’s because the value of our legal services is a no-brainer.”

- Jim Eccleston

Contact the securities lawyers at Eccleston Law to review your broker transition contract and help you with the Protocol for Broker Recruiting.